SPRZEDANE Foodmate kompletne wyposażenie do uboju drobiu 6000 szt/h

For sale complet Poultry slaughtering line Foodmate with capacity 6000 to 6700 birds per 1 hour

Item list
1. Slaughtering area
1.1. Complete slaughter conveyor with chain and hooks
1.2. Hanging carousel
1.3. Electrical stunner
1.4. Bleeding gutter
1.5. Head puller
1.6. Feet discharge
1.7. Hook washer
2. Plucking area
2.1. Scalding tank 1
2.2. Scalding tank 2
2.3. Plucker 1
2.4. Plucker 2
2.5. Plucker 3
2.6. Leg/Socks plucker
3. Evisceration area
3.1. Automatic leg cutter and rehanger from slaughter conveyor to evisceration conveyor
3.2. Complete evisceration conveyor with chain and hooks
3.3. Automatic Vent cutter
3.4. Automatic Opener
3.5. Automatic Eviscerator
3.6. Automatic Intestinal package remover
3.7. Automatic Blowgun for intestinal packages
3.8. Automatic Inspection platform
3.9. Automatic Cropper
3.10. Automatic Neck cracker and puller
3.11. Automatic Lung sucker
3.12. Automatic Bird washer
3.13. Hook washer
3.14. Automatic rehanger from evisceration conveyor to air chill conveyor
4. Air chiller
4.1. Complete construction for air chill conveyor
4.2. Complete air chill conveyor including chain and hooks
4.3. Cooling system
4.3.1. Compressors
4.3.2. Evaporators
4.3.3. Condensors
5. Weighing and grading line
5.1. Automatic rehanger from air chill conveyor to weighing and grading conveyor
5.2. Complete weighing and grading conveyor incl. chain and hooks
5.3. Automatic in line weigher
5.4. Digital visual grader
5.5. Line ejectors on the weighing and grading conveyor
6. Cut-up area
6.1. Automatic buffer rehanger from weighing and grading conveyor to Flexline
6.2. Complete Flexline cut-up system
6.2.1. Frame
6.2.2. Conveyor including chain and hooks
6.2.3. Cut-up modules
6.2.4. Conveyor belts
7. Miscellaneous
7.1. All electrical control and switch boxes belonging to the equipment of the lines.
7.2. Chickensort program (newly acquired) to control the Flexline cut-up system
7.3. 3x vacuum pumps
8. Spare parts
8.1. A complete set of spare parts is included with the line.

All equipment has been produced and is installed by Foodmate. The air chiller was placed at the end of 2013, and the rest of the equipment during 2014. The company will use and maintain the equipment until the higher capacity line is operational in early 2023.

The full maintenance history, as well as the preventative maintenance plan, are available with the equipment as well.

All controls, switchboards, and automation belonging to the equipment are also included and a recent version of the Chickensort program to automatically manage the Flexline and monitor the process.

All spare parts belonging to the equipment are also included with the equipment. This is a unique chance to purchase a complete set of modern and high-quality equipment including the management systems to make them even more profitable and all the spare parts to maintain it all.

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Complete poultry plant
up to 6700 bph